The Spider

Dr Marla Manners is one of the world's foremost experts on robotics thanks to years of studying the Queen of Hearts' technology, and adapting it for crimefighting purposes with her husband, Dr Biff Bateman, the Fly.
She is also an increasingly reclusive one, as their vigilante activity has driven them literally underground in order to avoid unwanted interference from the authorities or the Council of Strangers.
Marla has made significant headway into decoding the information stored in her wedding ring (in fact the only remains of a superhuman crimefighting nano-tech being from the future), and believes firmly that the groundwork for the universal H.I.V.E. police force of the future must be laid here and now.
She's also a black belt in Ju Jitsu and Tae Kwan Do, and armed to the teeth with polymer sprays, shrink rays, tasers and other miniaturised weapons. Are you going to disagree with her?