The Fly

Dr Biff Bateman, inventor of the Man Amplifier Suit and Fly's Eyes goggles, the square four-eyed scientist who stumbled into love and saved the world in the Strangers campaign, is still doing what he does best - fighting crime in the mean streets of Paradise City.
He and his wife Marla (The Spider) have used the scavenged technology of their late nemesis, the Queen of Hearts, to found the H.I.V.E., a crimefighting organisation that operates outside the law, but according to the information encrypted into Marla's wedding ring will one day police the universe.
Always a hard worker, Biff has been making occasional upgrades to his suit, and training the next generation of crimefighters in the scientific method. And in the process has become something of a symbol to those who resent the sudden presence of the superhuman races on Earth...