The Strangers 2

Strangers 2 is where it all ended. I had fun making the first two campaigns, but due to a number of reasons couldnt face making this one. However, the preliminary sketches were posted, and now the first installment of the script is here. Enjoy.

Seven years ago, the Strangers saved the Earth from the mutant Gestalt known as the Connection, having discovered that they had in fact been brought together by this creature in order to allow it to complete its life-cycle.
Never a cohesive team, but more just a group of outsiders brought together through circumstance, the Strangers have now scattered across the globe to do what superhumans do, whatever that is...

Killing The Strangers

The outline script for the second campaign can now be read here. There is at least a year gap between starting and finishing this document, so it may come across a bit disjointed. Thats the creative process for ya!
Ill finish it soon, and finally end this story. I promise.

Character Sketches

Devil Doll
King Zero
Adam Zorn
Peace Frog

The Fly
The Spider
Jimmy Jupiter
The Pharoah
Accumulator Girl

Even more character outlines coming soon...