Patriot City

A free-roaming city mod for FFvTTR


21 August 2005
Patriot City V1.1 Bug Fix patch released!
Thanks to initial feedback from SephirothLighthawk, Phantom Eyebrow and USAgent and others, the following bugs have been fixed in this patch.

16 August 2005
Patriot City V1.0 Released!
For an ultra-slim 17M you get the following:

9 August 2005
The Patriot City mod is coming soon.
This will be a free-roaming Freedom Force campaign, set in a city consisting of several maps which you can travel freely between.
Starting in your apartment, you can patrol the streets during day or night, gaining experience and prestige as you defeat randomly encountered criminals, and take part in various story arcs as you discover what happened to the Freedom Force and why the fate of the city rests in your hands.

See the Features page for some screenshots and more details.