Freedom Force X

Mutate your experience!

Freedom Force X-Squared V2.6 Gold Pack

The final word in the unofficial expansion pack for Irrational Games' Freedom Force.

Step 1: Download

Download the FFX Gold Pack here, and save to your hard drive in a suitable location.

Step 2: Install

Run the installer - its should automatically detect the installation directory for Freedom Force.

Step 3: Set up shortcuts

You'll need shortcuts for:
1) The game itself. Copy your existing shortcut to Freedom Force and add the -log option to it to play the FFX version of the game. See the FAQ for instructions.
2) The manual. Create a shortcut to ffx/manual/index.htm to view the manual, describing the new featuress and how to use them.
3) The Control Centre - this programme is used to configure character attributes outside of the main game - create a shortcut to FFXEdit.exe in your Freedom Force folder.