Venus Green

Name : Venus Green

Homeworld : Earth

Powers : Biological Process Control, Orgone Generation

In the heady days of the 21st Century, Ms. Amazing created a superhuman called Venus Blue, who aimlessly patrolled the parks of Paradise City before being absorbed back into the Earth.

Her purpose was not to save the Earth, but to reboot it in the case of an ecological disaster!

A similar energy signature has been detected 1700 years later, emanating from a waste tesseract in Nova Mexicana, where toxic waste is stored off the surface of this dimension. The levels of orgone radiation emitted are off the charts, and there's nothing comforting about the return of a being designed to reboot dying planets!

Venus herself, is totally unphased, and in person is the least threatening person you could meet.
Don't worry, just sit down, have a nice piece of fruit and feel nice!