Star Girl 3000

Name : Jacqui Mc2

Homeworld : The Life Star

Powers : Atomic Density Control, Flight

Thanks to her ability to control inter-atomic bonds, Jacqui Mc2 is the toughest fighter in Gamma City!
As Star Girl 3000, the rebellious heavy hitter of super-teen team Gamma Ordnance, she's been at the frontline of every supervillain assault, smashing faces and taking names like Leecho, Temptra, and Chainsman the Trapster!

But none of that was real.
Star Girl 3000 is a defective superhuman grown by the dying Life Star in a lo=fi virtual reality version of a 30th Century town, which had all the depth and realism of a Saturday morning holo-vid. Her "superhero" behaviour and pale skin and blue eyes mark her as an anachronism in the 37th Century solar system.

She can still crush atoms in her hands to produce explosive energy, and can still make herself and others functionally invulnerable by reinforcing atomic structure through touch.
How long will she stay in bed playing computer games, dosed up on power-dampening meds?