Kid Identity

Name : Simon Kew

Homeworld : Earth

Powers : Facial Metamorphosis, suspected Energy Mimesis

Simon Kew grew up in a portable Cube in the metachawls of the Bradchester megalopolis.
He has an extensive record with QMAC (the superhuman power regulatory police) as a serial abuser of recreational superpowers, taking whatever he could get his hands on to get a bit of superspeed or X-Ray Vision for a laugh.

The only power to permanently stick is the ability to morph his face into a copy of anyone he sees. Due to the resulting ability to fool biometric scanners, he has to carry an identity card with his baseline indicators with him at all times. This ability may be the tip of the iceberg, leading to the ability to replicate energy patterns, or even fully functional superpowers.

He never seemed likely to amount to anything, and looked forwards to a life spent chasing girls and drinking Phanta. And yet he ended up as a key player in the greatest revolution the solar system had seen since the Life Star docked with the Earth in the 21st century?