Cyberius XII

Name : Robert Jonah Ledermann

Homeworld : Earth

Powers : Virtual Lifeform, vastly enhanced intelligence. Multi-purpose robotic body.

Robert Jonah Ledermann was born in the late 20th Century. As Cyberius, he became a fixture of Ms. Amazing's rogues gallery, with his army of radio-controlled robots. After her death, he uploaded his mind into virtual space and went insane, waging war on humnaity and nearly wiping them out between the 22nd and 25th Centuries.
The reformed artifical intelligence started its atonement by building the colony of New Mumbai on Mars, so that it could provide humanity with technology from exile.

Such a vast mind creates many threads. Over the course of the centuries, some of these have gained independence and their own sentience inside the mind of The Great Database. The latest one may have taken advantage of it fortuitous timing, and fled to Earth just before the syzygy, when the Sun interposes itself between the two planets and they lose contact for 11 days.

Its agenda is yet to be revealed...