Princess Amtora

Name : Nassisu Brahamina Amtora

Homeworld : Mars

Powers : Enhanced Intelligence, Self-replication

37th Century Mars is the planet of love and industry. On the colony of New Mumbai, programmers live perfect lives overseen by the artificial intelligence known as the Great Database.
In return for their services in increasing its already vast intelligence, they receive enhanced intelligence of their own through the Red Orgone food additive, and have perfect life/work partners selected via an extensive dating matrix.

Nassisu Amtora is heir to the Amtorsoft fortune, which provides Mars with its most popular operating system.
An encounter with Life Star technology has given her the ability to create copies of herself via quantum superposition, and left her restless for something undefinable beyond the perfect life mapped out for her.

How does someone from such a sheltered upbringing become known as "The First Rebel" by the 38th C, after drastically changing human life in the solar system?