The Third Door


August 2012

The Third Door was my first serious attempt to use the Motion LE 1700 Tablet PC that I bought in January.

Its a celebration of the 10 year anniversary with my wonderful girlfriend Yolande, and inspired by the details of our day to day life. We've lived together in a long row cottage house. She leaves via the front door to walk or drive, I leave via the back door on my bicycle. In the strip, the house is vertical and inhabited by an aerial robot and a mermaid who enter through their respective doors and meet in the middle.

I do most of our cooking, often making an Asian seafood soup. The couple talk about their day in their respective worlds like many couples do. They watch TV, a fantastic version of Boston Legal (which we were tearing through at the time). They then decide to step through the Third Door in their house, the one they share, which leads to their own private world with each other.

The first two pages were drawn with pencil and paper and scanned in for digital inks and colour, while I was still getting used to using the tablet. I experimented a bit with tracing here - the mountainscapes in robot-guy's speech bubbles on page 2, and the rock formations in the Third Door world on page 3 were rather obviously based on photographs.