Love Machine

Gel Pen

November 2009

Love Machine was produced for an Australian comic anthology. Not surprisingly, it was rejected, since it wasn't a particularly superhero-friendly publication, and I wasn't making much effort to stick to the theme I'd been given - "Love and War".

It's also rushed and messy, particularly the lettering, and I wasn't used to producing sequentials at this point.

It takes the story I'd established for Cyberius 12. A reformed villain who uploaded his mind into a machine has now been serving humanity for centuries, advancing their technology. All thanks to a virtual "girlfriend" programme implanted in him, the NEOPatra virus. By the 37th Century he's run out of things to do, and is turning his massive intelligence towards making online games, quizzes and lolcat pictures for us. Its the old gag of how the internet has been developed to allow us to watch monkeys farting anywhere on the planet.

I've always loved black and white work, but can never seem to do it justice myself - its much harder to make something easily readable without colour.