Mme. Hydra P2 P3 P6 SketchesTriumph

by Dr Mike 2000

Mme. Hydra was a 12 page or so strip that I wrote and partially illustrated back in 2001, and one of my first experiments with real-world pencil and inks combined with Photoshop colouring. It featured prototype versions of the Challengers, a Fantastic Four analogue group. Rocky's on Page 2, The Spark appears on Page 6, and Optical Girl is visible on a billboard on page 6. Doc Sensation existed in name at this point, but without any accompanying visuals.

The story revolved around a star-crossed affair between Hydra and a supervillain, and was narrated as a letter to him from her while he's in prison. The twist at the end is she's given him a few locks of her hair as a memento of their time "together" which he uses to slice through the bars and escape, so they can confront each other all over again.
I kind of ran out of steam when I read a Cobweb story by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie among very similar lines, and I think work kicked in big time at that point too.

Check out Tales of the Navigator on the left menu to see Hydra and the Challengers resurface in Freedom Force five years or so later.