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by Dr Mike 2000


The most art-heavy release in the Strangers - one mission required me to draw four four-panel strips to appear as tangible memories in mid-game cutscenes, relating the origins of the four main symbiotic villains known as The Connection. While each member of this group had powerful mutant gifts of their own, they were also able to communicate with each other across telepathically across space, time and parallel worlds to become a single gestalt organism that was much greater than the sum of its parts.

Gabriel Horne

Gabriel Horne is born in Chicago in the 1930's, and quickly learns he can control the nervous systems of other creatures nearby. He becomes a flamboyant criminal, and enemy of the original Fly. He dies in WW II at the hands of the Fly, and two other crimefighters referred to as Catlaser and Zappy! We catch up with him later in Hell of course, what a twist!

Sondra Strange

Sondra is born to the world's most doting parents, because their little darling can manipulate emotions! She continues to do so throughout her life, in the playground, and later to become mayor. Her first real emotion of her own is when she meets Gabriel in his astral form, and they fall in love as only trans-dimensional energy beings can.

Jo Tau

A prize student at a future Galactic Academy, and incredibly powerful telekinetic, Jo goes on the warpath after destroying her school. Gabriel and Sondra appear on her ship and defeat her, costing her an eye. She then agrees to bond with them in psychic connection.

Simon Hart

On the sci-fi world of New Aeden, Simon the molecular transmutator kills his parents as a baby. Raised in an orphanage, he manages to cheat his way past the standard mutation-detection tests at school. Bitter and twisted with his lot, he prematurely grows himself to adulthood and creates a rubbish monster to kill his planet's defenders. The rest of the Connection find him and merge in game, as he's about to kill Miss Amazing.